My days are full but so blessed

So I have seriously lacked on always getting my verse of the day out on time I sincerely apologize for that. I will be posting some new Homestead blogs soon about all that has been going on here until now hear are some of the amazing things that God has bestowed upon me as I […]

Fun fact

So I am sure that everyone has seen theses types of handles in the bathrooms, right? So I use it to normally hold my phone as I have a bad habit of forgetting my phone in places like this this helps me not to just spray or wipe it down with Lysol but this is […]

Trials and tribulations keeping the faith

So today I went for my seventh appointment and 8th test on my neck. I have been diagnosed with dysphasia, which is a swallowing disorder. Now with this disorder there is normally a underlying problem that causes this so the doctors set out to find out why. First we discovered that two of my flaps […]