Glass is my therapy

There is nothing like going into the studio and throwing on some Skillet or Red and just getting into the grove of things. I would love to have more time to do this kind of work but we own a farm 😁🦆🐝🐓🐕🌳🦚but I love it almost as much 💗💕

Food brings togetherness

We have now four inside cats, three outside ferrel cats, and two dogs, eleven ducks and six chickens well five for the most part as well as our visiting chickens from next door. All of these live in harmony together with one common interest, food. Food seems to bring togetherness. Not normally found, but on […]

Through Our Eyes

So let me start out by saying our family is picture crazy. We love to take pictures of everything, we are by no means professionals, haha. But mostly it is always for reference, memories or documentation. So this is a new series that we thought would be of interest to some. There is a lovely […]