Fun fact

So I am sure that everyone has seen theses types of handles in the bathrooms, right? So I use it to normally hold my phone as I have a bad habit of forgetting my phone in places like this this helps me not to just spray or wipe it down with Lysol but this is […]

Permaculture… Retaining Wall Update

Almost done you’ll!!! 😁 Working against the elements, like rain, freezing cold, injury’s takes a lot of patients. In the midst of all the weather, I sustained an injury, well actually did damage to a previous injury. Years ago I had broke my neck. I had emergency surgery that involved five cadaver bones hinge plates […]

Food brings togetherness

We have now four inside cats, three outside ferrel cats, and two dogs, eleven ducks and six chickens well five for the most part as well as our visiting chickens from next door. All of these live in harmony together with one common interest, food. Food seems to bring togetherness. Not normally found, but on […]