That man that man of mine You can’t keep a good man down

“Sometimes we have to sharpen our saws to be more productive.” My husband always says. And I find this to be more true and relevant as the years go by. When your beat and exhausted it can be dangerous depending on what kind of job you do. So the previous day (see yesterday’s vlog) was a bit trying a lot of things went wrong that day from a rotten tree that was being removed to the wood rack that was fully loaded going over and having to be stacked again to some getting hurt to rain just at the wrong time. Haha, well if could have gone wrong ,it did. But through it all the one who got hit the most with things got right back up the next day, after the rain ended and he sharpened his saw (rested that is) and hit it again. I guess the moral of this story is one, he didn’t give up and he kept his patience, his cool and most importantly his faith that the Lord was going to carry him through. And God made good on his promise and it all worked out in the end and things are back to normal, well as normal as you get around here. So no matter what comes at you or pouring over you keep the faith.

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