Trials and tribulations keeping the faith

So today I went for my seventh appointment and 8th test on my neck. I have been diagnosed with dysphasia, which is a swallowing disorder. Now with this disorder there is normally a underlying problem that causes this so the doctors set out to find out why. First we discovered that two of my flaps in the esophagus were not working as they should which yep you guessed it was caused by something else. So the doctor discovered that the hardware in my neck is penetrating my airway. Some years back my neck was broken and the neurosurgeon replaced five bones with cadaver bones and titanium hinge plates I. A emergency surgery. This was experimental as the hinge plates were new at the time. Today I found out that my hardware has shifted quite a bit. Mostly due to my own negligence because I did things that surpassed the limits of what my neck would handle. So now it is off back to the neurosurgeon to see if it can be fixed. This is of course the last thing I want to do as it can not only paralyze or end in death. I am not afraid of either but I also don’t want to be a burden on my family or leave them. So I ask for your prayers for a blessing of healing but for my family as well.

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