Farm Homestead Adventure …. The Beginning

So it all starts out rather chaotic, if I might say. We went through many trials and tribulations in the beginning. Our family started out with the bare minimal tiny falling apart house out in the middle of the country, broken down vehicles and tons of bills. Even with all of the outside interference of people who did not want to see any of us happy, we tried to do just that, as much as we could. During all of that my husband got demoted in a already low paying going nowhere job, so he quit and we started our own woodworking business. This was a complete fail not that it didn’t have some great learning curves and bonding moments. We came to the conclusion as we were in a bad way with the bills piling even higher and not able to afford food, you name it so we decided to go back to the grinding board, swallow our pride and get on with life. Then a blessing came our way, my husband got a job with a automotive company in the city, an hour away. This seems like a great thing and in many ways it was beyond a blessing. We found a house, relocated and started our new life. So we went from country living to a city life, a bit of culture shock at first but we all got acclimated fast enough. Problem solved right, wrong we got to into just living, having fun all the norm but forgot where we came from and where it came from not the pay from the job but where it began and that was our faith in God. Now we didn’t stop having faith or stop believing, we still prayed, had church, etc. But the love and putting God first was just not there as it was before. Then one very early morning, we awoke with our oldest daughter running through the house screaming ” fire, fire” that was the end and the beginning , the blessing in disguise and the best thing that could have ever happened to us as a family and as believers. This is where we woke up! We had lost it all and oddly enough we were not scared or worried about where we going to go or what we would do next it was a strange and unexplainable relief to not have all of it looming over us and at that moment we all just looked at one another and my youngest daughter said “well it is what it is, we are all alive and we can start again”. At this we all kind of took a moment and that started our journey to where we are now and where we are going. Please keep an eye out for the next step in our journey to a farm homestead.


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